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Awareness | Successful Stoners

Take three deep breaths and allow yourself to be in flow with the image below for this exercise :) Today we are going to travel to the past so we can change our current reality. Sounds familiar well that's because its called Time Traveling. YES! Time Travel is real for those who choose to believe. :) With that being said, look back on your current journey thus far and pick an event, situation, person, place, or thing that triggered something within you. ( a trigger is defined as something that affects your emotional state.) With that being said think back to that moment when you were triggered, allow yourself to re-enter that current state of emotion. The only difference is we are not going to act on the emotions that are arising we are going to acknowledge them. Become aware of how the event, situation, person, place, or thing made you feel. Now here is the FUN part change your whole perspective of the circumstances. This is your time to gain Clarity, and Understanding on why certain things had to happen the way they happened. Allow your self the confirmation of knowing things happen for you and not to you. You are now Aware! You changed your future by re-writing your past. Remember you have the choice to get BETTER or BITTER.


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