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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Allow Yourself to Dream...

If someone was to tell you that you could have anything in this world, what would you ask for? Now listen I Am that person, and I Am asking you what do you really want. You can have anything your heart desire but it all starts with a dream. That's why as a Successful Stoner you must allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to envision you living the life of your dreams. Notice that when you are dreaming there are no limits to the things that you can do and achieve. So why when you awaken you put limits on what you are capable of achieving. As a Successful Stoner it is important that you understand that sometimes dreams can be consider messages, especially if you can vividly remember and/or feel the emotions left behind from imagining. So many people are limiting themselves unknowingly just for the simple fact that they have given up on their dreams. Please be aware, continue to dream, continue to want more for yourself, and eventually you will see that your dreams have become your reality. Look at it this way, everything starts with a dream right, Okay. But someone wanted that dream bad enough that it grew to be a passion, and once it became a passion they started to figure out ways to start pursuing that dream. Eventually that dream will become a goal that you are pursing and when you accomplish that goal understand that your dream has just become your reality. So please my fellow Successful Stoners, never stop dreaming, keep dreaming until you can tell yourself I remember when this was all a dream.

Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

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