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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Don't let the fear of Failure stop your from Succeeding...

Hey Successful Stoners, did you know that the fear of failure is what causes most people not to succeed. Listen, what they don't tell you is that failing multiple times is going to be something that you have to endure on your on your road towards success. Look at it this way, success and failure go hand and hand. You cant have one without the other. Its the failure that humbles you, it teaches you how to handle the success before you obtain it. Failure gives you more discipline,hustle,and drive. It is failure that builds the foundation on what you are trying to create. Wouldn't you think it was better to learn the hard lessons in the beginning, so when you do reach your desired level of success you know how to grow and keep it. So do you see, it's all about how you perceive things. Most people take failure as a sign to give up, they think maybe this wasn't the path that was meant for me. Lies I Say, this is a straight lie that too many people are telling themselves. Understand that failure is a sign that you are being prep, molded, and transformed into the person you need to become to reach your desired levels of success. So many people cant handle the heat, but as a Successful Stoner you can, you will, and you must. Now that you are aware that failure is apart of the road to success you now know how to plan accordingly. Understand that failure builds character, this is what determines if you are willing to play the lead role, or the understudy in your life. Listen if you have a choice, choose to be the main character and do not settle for anything less. Meaning do not let the fear of failure stop you from succeeding. Knowing what you know now, what "FAILED" project are you going to pick back up. Remember you have not failed you simply given up, because failure is just a sign that you are headed in the right direction towards your success.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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