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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Don't mistake your Power as being Intimidating.

My fellow Successful Stoner please understand that you are not Intimidating you are Powerful, and this is the secret that no one is trying to tell you. They try to downplay you saying that you are doing to much, that you are always all over the place, you think you know it all, or why they just want sit down somewhere. They are projecting, because their real thoughts are I wish I can do as much as them, I wish I was capable of achieving what they have achieved. Trust that they are only saying you are Intimidating is because you are reaching heights they never thought can be possible for themselves. Understand that you are not Intimidating, you are a force to be reckoned with, a stoner living in their purpose. You see this is what irritates or some might say pumps fear into their souls. Think about all the times you catch people staring at you... haha. No you don't be having shit on your face, but your vibe is just that powerful. Understand if there wasn't something special about you, you wouldn't have so many people watching and studying you. The definition of intimidate, "is to frighten or overawe (someone) especially in order to make them do what one wants." So basically who ever is calling you intimidating cannot control you, they have no power over you because you are living in your power. In their eyes you are unstoppable, you have so much power and confidence and they believe no one should have that much confidence in their self. This is what scares them, this is why they label you as intimidating, in hopes that it will bring you back down to their level. They see you are going places and they also see that you are not taking them with you. So the next time someone has the audacity to call you intimidating say No, my Power just brings you fear , haha no just say Thank You. But say Thank You knowing that your inner strength and confidence will continue to trigger the souls of many.

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