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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Every Stoner Has A Dream !

I think so many of You go through life lacking direction, feeling hopeless in a world full of endless opportunities. Why because you lack the vision, at some point in your life you came to the conclusion that the life of dreams was only a dream and it was in no way, shape, or form possible for you to achieve. I Am going to be the one to tell you right Now that, this is not the behavior of a Successful Stoner. In fact you are no where near being a Successful Stoner if you lack vision. Vision gives you purpose and without purpose you have nothing. Purpose is the reason you wake up everyday determined,and focused. Because you know where you are going you know what you are suppose to be doing. Having purpose means you have freedom, the freedom to see what will actually become of you if you were to continue to follow your dreams. So right now looking at this image what Do You See? If you answered All I see is a blank photo with Coming Soon on it, This is exactly where the problems steams. You lack Vision, You are suppose to look at the image and see your legacy. Let your soul talk to you, You could be sitting on a million dollar idea, but no one will ever see, because you are down playing your dreams. You was not granted that dream/vision for no reason. Sometimes the Divine shows you the outcome first to motivate you to take the first steps. God has a plan for us to prosper and not to fail. Its the promise. So if this was promised to us, then there should be no reason as to why you would let your dreams die without giving it a try. I want you to leave this post Motivated,Encouraged,and Determined to be a Visionary today. Most likely what ever you see wont be the first time seeing it. Your soul has been talking to you its just time for you to listen and take action.

Sending Love & Light Successful Stoners ! Have a productive Day. Be Encouraged.

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