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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Stop taking Advice you Never asked for...

Have you ever found yourself in the position thinking..,"Damn I should have just listened to myself." Most likely you ended up here because you have taken the advice from the wrong person. As a Successful Stoner you do not need to seek validation nor reassurance from anyone. This is way having strong discernment is important. (See previous post about discernment) Understand no one has the same vision as you, the same purpose as you, nor the same focus as you. So this must mean NO ONE honestly know what you are capable of doing or achieving BUT YOU. Clearly not all advice is going to be wrong, but notice when someone is just involuntary giving out advice. Are you actually receiving and accepting to this advice??? As a Successful Stoner you have to really examine what advice you are willingly taking without any regards. You have to really look at the person you are receiving advice from, are they actually living a life you aspire your life to be like? Did they accomplish for themselves what you are pursuing for yourself? In any way would you consider this person to be a role model or beneficial influence over you ? All of this should be taken under consideration when determining if the advice is worth taking or not. Seems like hard work huh, to much of your energy being wasted. This is why as Successful Stoners we follow our own advice. You owe it to yourself to live a life without guilt,regret, and wondering what if all the time. You'll be surprised of all the benefits that come along with taking your own advice, #1 is being have more confidence in yourself pursuing your dreams. At the end of the day your Opinion is above All, do not let the advice from the wrong crowd keep you behind and lacking. It is okay to follow people you aspire to be like, gain inspiration but NOT advice. Remember you are literally the only one who knows what you are capable of achieving and becoming. As long as you have trust in yourself you will never go wrong.

Sending you Love & Light

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