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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Strength&Courage comes from the struggle.

If you are never faced with a struggle how can you ever realize the strength that you hold within. It is through our hardest of times that we gain the strength and courage needed to continue forward. Take this into consideration, so many people are going to journey through their life always playing it safe. Why?, because they are afraid to work through their fears.

Not us Successful Stoners tho ! As a Successful Stoner we fully understand that strength and courage are only meant for those who are willing to pursue their dreams. You do not get Strength nor Courage when you are playing it safe, like honestly why would you need it... to continue to live an ordinary life??? I Am hear to inform you now, that is not how this process works out. Trust me strength and courage are not meant for the weak. you going to have to fail a few times, and question the reason why you even started too. Look at it this way, you are only granted Strength and Courage when you re faced with adversity. When you are pursuing something that you are passionate about understand you will be faced with Adversity, but you will have the Strength to keep going. (Do you see where I Am going with this..?) Strength and Courage are mostly for the ones that are living out their purpose, or the ones determined to make their dreams their reality. Once you find something you are passionate about, this will then awaken you to your inner strength and courage. So if you are here reading this post, Today is the day, Today is your day to take that leap of faith. Stop wondering what if and take that leap of faith to find out for yourself. Release all fears that are holding you back from taking that first step. Understand that if you are struggling right now, it is only because you are destined for so so much more, but sadly you are letting your fears dictate your success. As a Successful Stoner it is imperative that you understand that Strength is created through the struggle, but once you find the strength Success is not to far from your reach.

Sending you All Love & Light

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