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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: Success comes to those who take it.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking what was stopping you from reaching your desired level of success? Well the answer is quite simple actually, the people that succeed in life are the ones who believe they deserve the life that they are hoping for. No one is coming to give you a handout, and no one is coming to put you on. Understand that there are two different types of people in this world, those who wait for shit to happen, then there are the ones who go and make shit happen. Which one are you? I can tell you right now success doesn't comes to the ones who wait, mediocrity does. Successful people know way before they reach their success that they are destined for it. There is always this constant feeling that you are meant to accomplish so much. Trust this feeling, this is success calling your name, its saying as long as you believe in me I can turn your dreams into reality. So many have ignored destiny calling their name, but as a Successful Stoner reading this blog post you now have access to inside information so many are lacking and searching for. The secret of being successful solely lies on what you choose to believe. You have to choose to have faith in your dreams and know deep down within you success is meant to be your reality. Making this choice means you have purpose, and there is no stopping someone with purpose. But know if you have any doubt surrounding your dreams, there is no stopping the obstacles that will come between you and your success. Understand that success is not cut out for the weak, you have to be prepared to go through what most people couldn't even phantom. Not everyone is meant to be successful, but the ones who are know they deserve it without a doubt.

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