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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: The Gift of Discernment.

As a Successful Stoner it is important that you understand how honoring and possessing the gift of discernment can change your whole life. Take note that not everyone knows about the power of discernment yet it is free to us all. A quick definition... Discernment is, "simply the ability to judge well." In other words discernment is the ability to read energy. This is a real game changer for us Successful Stoners. Imagine a life where you can make decisions in the spare of the moment, but still feel 100% confidence about the choices you made. Imagine a life where you can pick up the energy of others and automatically know if this is going to drain or nourish you. I want you to imagine a life where you know for a fact that the choices you are making are leading you towards your success. Understand all of this and so much more is possible to achieve through the gift of discernment. Sadly I will say this again, even though it is free to us all so many will never be aware to the gift of discernment. They say knowledge is you key to success, and now that you have receive this vital piece of information take it and use it to your advantage. Possessing this key means nothing is stopping you from pursuing your own success. Its really as simple as waking up everyday and saying..." Thank you for my Discernment." That is it, its literally that simple. So many people let this message go over their heads, but as a Successful Stoner it is your duty to own and possess this gift of discernment.

Sending you All Love & Light

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