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Successful Stoner Awareness 101: They Can't See What You See, So Don't Force Them...

Listen up Successful Stoners, when you can see what others cannot, you can achieve what others couldn't believe. Don't let this message go over your head. Understand, the only reason you're able to receive your visions are because deep down within you, you know that you are capable of achieving what you can see. All you have to do is believe. Once you have faith in your vision prospering, a plan will follow to help you see this thing through. But beware of oversharing what you have seen before you reached the required success. Understand during this beginning phase, your vision is meant for you, and you only. Trust me when I say most of the people you are wanting to tell do not have your best interest at heart. Most likely they are going to show lack of support, they might even go as far as saying, "that must be the weed talking" or some other hater shit like that. Pay attention and be aware Successful Stoners, notice how before sharing your dreams you were motivated and unstoppable, right? But after sharing your vision with the wrong person notice how you start to question yourself, not knowing this vision has come from the Divine. Please don't let them take away the excitement you had, remember it was a good idea before you shared it.Right? This is why I will say this again, When you can see what others cannot, then you can achieve what others could not believe. As a Successful Stoner it is important for you not to limit yourself because others lack the creativity, vision, and understanding that you have. Hear me when I say this is not your problem, being creative is a gift to be honored and proud of. Most people are lacking purpose and direction, on a constant search for something to brighten their day. So the next time you find something that you are passionate about do not take this opportunity for granted. Instead choose to move in silence, and formulate a plan to execute your vision. Your work will show for itself, and in due time all the people you wanted to tell will see your success. Moral of this post, Do Not go around sharing your next move... You never know who is wishing it never happens.

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