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Successful Stoners Awareness 101: It all starts with being Aware...

As a Stoner, have you ever stopped and questioned what is stopping you from becoming a Successful Stoner? Well would you believe me if I was to say it all starts with becoming aware. To become a "Successful Stoner" you have to see that gaining awareness is your key for success. Literally, a lack of awareness is what is stopping you from living a life full of success. Like all jokes aside, if someone where to interview you right now, and ask you, " Who are you, What is your vision?" would you even know how to answer? Understand that so many people are going through life helping others find their success because they are simply not aware of how to become successful themselves. Why,? because they lack awareness, they lack awareness of their truth, they lack awareness of their purpose, and most importantly they lack awareness of their worth and what they deserve. As a Successful Stoner you must take it upon yourself to gain awareness, you have to realize you want more for yourself and you must realize that you are worthy of it. This is the first steps of gaining awareness.

Today's Affirmation for change : I AM AWARE. ( keep repeating this to yourself. throughout the day and throughout the night. Just keep repeating. and watch how your life begins to change and for the better! )

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