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Successful Stoners Awareness 101: Stop Living to Please Others...

Becoming a Successful Stoner is not rocket science, but I would be lying to you if I said that this process was going to be easy. In order to even be consider a Successful Stoner you must release your constant need to please others. Understand that if you were aware of your worth, you wouldn't go around seeking validation. Nor would you need the approval of others to make decisions and choices that are concerning you. As an Successful Stoner, it is mandatory that you live a life that is true to yourself. It is your responsibility to realize that other peoples questions, comments, and concerns are merely projections of their own insecurities. Understand, what might be true for them, will not always be the most beneficial for you. This is why as an Successful Stoner the only validation that you need, should be the validation that is coming from within you. So many stoners are wasting their life because they are to busy trying to be something that they are not, a "pick me", "copycat", or "wannabe". So I will say this again, in order to be a Successful Stoner you must release the constant need to please others. Trust me when I say, it's better to move in silence, instead of having false associates giving you fake opinions and advice.

Leaving this message, I want you to take inventory of your life. Where have you been people pleasing?

(Really think about this....)

" Fool me Once Shame on You, Fool me Twice Shame on Me,

Fool me Three Times... This Is Where you have been People Pleasing ! "

Pay Attention to Your Actions

Now that you are aware, what changes are you going to make moving forward?

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